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Clear analytics

Get clear analytics regarding your applications payments and transactions

Security First

We cannot under any circumstances access any of your funds or effect any of your clients data. We can only read the payments made.

Easy to Use

Just insert your app key and secret from MoneyButton. It's as easy as that!

Download Your History

Download your apps transaction history with a click of a button! Great for regulators!


ButtonAnalytics uses the Moneybutton API to connect to your app. We use your app key and secret to fetch transactions. In no way can we make transactions on your behalf or withdraw and BSV. We can only read your transactions. You can read more about it on Moneybutton's API documentation here.
Currenly MoneyButton only supports reading the transactions of an application. If Moneybutton does implemant the ability to read private transactions, we will do our best to integrate that as well.
If you have any applications on MoneyButton you should be able to click on your profile picture on the top right and you will see your profile page open up. On the right side you will be able to see your apps. Clicking on an app will reveal the app details. You will find there your key and secret.
No. Currently we only support one connected app per user.